Graziher magazine is simply a collection of women’s stories. Women of the land; women who love the land; women who know the land. On a remote cattle station, a woman sorts through the mail that is delivered once a week. Although her internet connection is patchy and unreliable and the phone calls to loved ones far away drop out, she knows that the parcel that has arrived will be reliable, inspiring and timeless. Best read over a cuppa, Graziher the magazine, is a source she will draw upon each quarter to connect with the other people and women across the industry.

Graziher is a much-needed publication for rural and regional women. Why? Because:

  • It is estimated that one-third of Australian women live in rural and regional communities and 40 per cent of Australian farmers are women.
  • The Australian agricultural industry is heavily dependent on women’s off- farm work, much of which goes unrecognised.
  • Australia needs to both empower women and radically change the way that agriculture is portrayed here, to encourage more young women to see agriculture as a viable career path.
Graziher encapsulates all of the above points, and delivers the empowerment to rural women, inspiring and educating them one story at a time.

Grazihers, teachers, nurses, cooks, homebodies, photographers, tractor drivers; the list goes on for eternity.

We love hearing stories of diverse women; we love recording them in our pages; and we hope you enjoy reading them too.

We are a quarterly publication, and are independently published. You can find Graziher in selected newsagents, or order through our online store. We offer pre-orders for each new edition, as we sell out quickly. You can keep an eye on pre-orders by following us on Facebook or Instagram, or by signing up to our mailing list.

We can’t wait for you to join our network, and be inspired by some incredible women of the land.

xx Graziher team